Brad Schiff: 65% developer, 20% designer, 15% educator, and 0% fashionista.

My name is Brad Schiff and I’m a front-end developer, designer, and educator. I’ve been building user interfaces for over a decade.

I’ve done work for Fortune 100 companies, national political campaigns, international technology leaders, and countless small businesses. Unfortunately, nearly all of my work has been completed under nondisclosure agreements so I lack a traditional “portfolio” of work.

Most recently, I’ve worked with the WordPress experts at Slice n Press as their lead front-end developer to create websites for some of the world’s top brands.

In the past I’ve served as the webmaster for the UC Davis Study Abroad program, as well as the official Shasta County website. I began my career with the marketing agency Abra Marketing.

Technical Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript
  • Cross-browser compatibility historian
  • Responsive & mobile layouts
  • Adobe Photoshop veteran
  • Node.js build tools (Gulp & Grunt)
  • Git collaboration & deployments
  • Intermediate PHP, Rails View (MVC)
  • Email Design (modern & legacy)

Core Strengths

  • Bridging the gap between design and development concerns
  • Project management experience from high-profile projects
  • Listening to client needs and translating to technical needs
  • Effective communicator with both clients and team members
  • Delivering complex concepts in a simple fashion


I love writing code, but I’m not a computer science major. I spent my college years studying English, literature, and education. Using a language elegantly and efficiently has always intrigued me; regardless of whether that language is interpreted by humans or computers.

Being a front-end developer is incredibly rewarding. Tackling challenges, learning new things, and adding a dash of creativity along the way has been a recipe for professional fulfillment.

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I teach an introductory web design course at Udemy. I enjoy making concepts as simple as possible and helping people learn new things!

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I also run an educational YouTube channel with over 12,000 students. If you perform a Google search for “Responsive Web Design Tutorial” the first YouTube link is an example of one of my lessons.

I would love to teach in a traditional classroom environment, but currently video lessons are the best fit for my career, and allow me to reach a wide audience of people hungry to learn design & development.

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Over the years my work has seen a gradual shift away from design towards development. I enjoy collaborating with graphic designers to craft elegant, modern user experiences.

Although I typically collaborate with dedicated graphic designers, I do take pride in my own ability as a designer. I appreciate white space, balance, impact, hierarchy; and all of the other hallmarks of good design. This page is an example of my design decisions.

I’m also the creator and designer of the educational LearnWebCode website.

Did I mention that I’m a nature photographer?


If you’d like to reach me you can always send an email to and I’ll do my best to reply in a timely fashion.

You can also get a hold of me on Twitter:

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